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Wooden house, summer house, log cabin, shed – long known terms which are recognized by people as a cozy, beatiful and natural house used for leisure, living or for decoration of garen. Wood has always been most loved by many people for it‘s natural internal wormth. Nowadays wooden house has also gained a new ecological meaning, which is becoming more important in our modern globalized world.

Any wooden house buyer now is looking for comfortability, nice look, reliability and professional atitute to a product. All manufacturers of wooden houses are creating their standard range of wooden houses, but more offten these standard models do not meet full needs of a customer and do not achieve full satisfaction. In such case individual houses are designed and produced.

Designig, coordination and confirmation of individual design house usually is a along process that involves final customer, retailer and manufacturer. The time expenses and work that is needed to calculate the price, make an offer or do some changes make this process less plesant and more expensive. To avoid these problems, to save everyones time and expenses Dalvytra Ltd created a unique software which allows to design houses and calculate prices in real-time. When customer has an apportunity to chat with consultant and design his own house at the same day he come to inquire about the possibility ta make individual project, it is realy impressive and pleasant for all sides of the transaction.

Dalvytra Ltd as a manufacturer has raised designing of indiviual house to another level and set a new standard for fast and hight quality service in all businesses.

We are happy to give apportunity for final customer to embody their ideas of their summer houses, log cabins or any other wooden constuctions with interlocking mechanism. Also to make retailers work more efficient and modern.

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